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Personal Style: Dressing In Personality

A fall look with personality and history in each one of its garments. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A bold, classic-meets-eclectic look with an identity all its own.

I strive for a closet that's meaningful. I collect garments and pieces with a story and a personality; that's part of the reason why I prefer secondhand or vintage items. They come with history and character. I love putting something on and remembering where I got it, or the person who gave it to me, or an experience I had while wearing it. This outfit is a perfect example, because it's made up of items that all have a story. This blouse is the hero piece of the ensemble. A good friend of mine gave it to me. It was his grandmother's, whom he called his best friend. I am honored to wear it and to carry on her sartorial legacy – and I'm honored that he trusts me enough to allow me to be its caretaker, so to speak. This is not the only garment that he entrusted to me; I also have a sparkly sweater set, a crop-sleeve jacket with huge shoulders, and a completely sheer blouse that my mother panicked at when she first saw it (among other things). It's amazing to hear his stories about her and then see her wardrobe and be able to get a sense of the kind of person she was. When I get back home I will do a full editorial shoot with all of the gorgeous, unique pieces I have from her varied, fascinating closet.


Personal Style: Taxi-Cab Yellow – A Bold-Faced Travel Outfit

Bright yellow, mixed prints, and fuzzy striped socks incorporate comfort, practicality, and color into one chic travel outfit. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Bold yellow, layers of mixed prints, and the coziest socks add up to my new favorite travel ensemble.

Often when I create an outfit, I'm centering it around a specific jacket or skirt or pair of shoes that's particularly resonating with me on the given day. When I travel, however, the outfit suddenly has to take on a bunch of roles, and I no longer have the ability to use that process. A travel outfit needs to be comfortable, above all else, to be as unrestrictive as possible, and to be sleep-in-able. It needs, also, to have layers, to combat the unpredictability in temperature shift between airports, plane cabins, taxis, shuttles, and wherever your starting and ending destination may be. You might need to wear some bulkier clothing to free up extra space in your suitcase(s). For me, a travel outfit needs to strike a particular balance – to be all of those things, but also remain true enough to my personal style that I maintain my confidence and sense of self.


A Modern Mermaid With Astrid Fiverson: Bells & Whistles Part II

The first high-definition photographs of a British Columbian Semipuella Marina, or Mermaid, have been captured exclusively by Annika Cleland-Hura for Nothing Short Of Chic.
A glamorous photoshoot on Canada's western coastline with BC's most extraordinary native species.

Although I have yet to see a unicorn, British Columbia, Canada, has many fantastical native species that you won't find anywhere else; take a hike in the woods a bit to the north and you might come across a Spirit Bear (the proper name is Ursus americanus kermodei), or Kermode bear), our provincial mammal. You also could spot the two-headed Rubber Boa (I once found one in my yard) or the Jesus Shrew (Sorex bendirii), though admittedly, they can also be found in the northwestern coast of the US. Another native of the Pacific North West is the excruciatingly stylish Western Skink (Plestiodon skiltonianus), a lounge lizard frequently found in exquisitely tailored pinstriped suits with striking electric blue coattails. But the most breathtaking of all is, of course, the Semipuella marina (direct translation: demi-mademoiselle of the sea) – commonly known as the mermaid.


The Green Dress Duo With Astrid Fiverson: Bells & Whistles Part I

Two friends' different takes on the glam combination of a green gown, black heels, and pearl earrings. | Nothing Short Of Chic
All dolled up in matching gowns and nowhere to go.

"Hello, Anna? Do you happen to have a gala we can attend? See, we have these gorgeous green dresses and... there isn't really any place on the Sunshine Coast for us to wear them!" Remember Astrid Fiverson, aka Jasmin, my cousin-slash-best friend who secretly models and photographs for my blog? She just so happens to wear all my clothing better than I possibly could, which is both endearing and frustrating, and when we're together, she somehow ends up trying on a good portion of my wardrobe. Of course, I then have to dress up too, and here we are. DJ Cleland-Hura was kind enough to photograph for us, which was amazing because we don't have too many posed photos of the two of us together, so mille mercis!!


Estée Lauder x Refinery 29: Rest, Repair, Repeat ft Astrid Fiverson

Estée Lauder x Refinery 29's chic skincare kit is a dream come true for these beauty lover best friends. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Estée x R29 meets Astrid + Annika.

Estée Lauder is the luxury makeup & skincare company. Refinery 29 is an extremely well-known digital women's magazine. And the two of them together? Magic, for a beauty-obsessed fashion blogger in need of an at-home spa day – with my best friend, Astrid, along for the ride. EstéexR29's partnership produced an extremely classy makeup bag (emblazoned with the words "Rest. Repair. Repeat" in bold gold lettering) filled with samples of Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair skincare line. The adorable robin's-egg blue packaging, again lettered in gold, inspired us to pull on our similarly-hued pajamas, bring out the video camera, and pose together.


On Wednesdays We Wear Ethical: Vaçide Erda Zimic

On Wednesdays we wear ethical. Sporting a Vaçide Erda Zimic neckpiece and some doodles. | Nothing Short Of Chic

One of my most treasured pieces: wearable art hand-made in Peru from recycled materials.

I recently discovered the hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeWearEthical, run by @FashionDebates, on Twitter. Today's Wednesday so I was inspired to create a post centred around my favorite ethically-made item: this beautiful neckpiece from Vaçide Erda Zimic. A friend of mine, Aïda del Solar, gave it to me after visiting her native country of Peru, where the company is located. I wanted to craft a photoshoot around it right away, but I didn't have a vision that I felt was strong enough for such a beautiful piece of art. But today, I was simply going to take a few images for Twitter, when the idea to illustrate the images and edit them to be edgy and grainy and desaturated sort of evolved in my head. I thought a more unique form of photography would be more interesting and appropriate, and here are the results.


Personal Style: Black, Brown, & Navy (From The Archives)

Black, brown, and navy combine deliciously to create a fun, preppy, classic-with-a-twist outfit with layers for any occasion. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A layered but breezy look that's both professional and casual.

You can always tell when an outfit post of mine is from the archives – if my hair is long enough to tie back, you know it's an old set of photos. Case in point: this layered outfit, from autumn of 2015, where I had a lob and eyebrows of significantly lower quality. Although it's a triple-layer look, each piece is thin and light (and you could easily remove one or both of the topmost layers if venturing into an extremely warm setting). Also, buildings will often overcompensate for the heat by putting the air conditioning on full blast, freezing its occupants, so if you have a couple extra layers to wear inside you'll probably be grateful.


Amalie Olesen: La Garde-Robe Schizophrène

Amalie Olesen is stylish, unique, and above all, true to herself. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Meet Amalie Olesen: Champion of juxtaposition and coherent incoherence. 

Upon hearing that I run a fashion blog, Amalie Olesen, already a fixture for her high heels and vinyl skirts in Århus, Denmark, invited me into her bedroom/wardrobe hybrid and proceeded to dazzle me. She has the looks of a grown-up Serena van der Woodsen with fashion It-girl style sensibility à la Pandora Sykes. Her style is hard to pin down, but is made up of an eclectic mix of thrifted treasures, vintage designer goods, and high-street pieces that look expensive but really aren't. I fell in love with her style as soon as I laid eyes upon a cream hat worthy of Kate Middleton, and I knew I had to feature her on NSOC once I spied her thrifted Miu Miu blouses and red patent-leather heels.


What I Wore: Canada Day #150

Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday in style with a chic red-and-white outfit. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Happy 150th birthday to the world's most beautiful country!

My beautiful Canada celebrates its birthday today, July 1st, 150 years after Confederation in 1867. Everyone, of course, is celebrating – there are many different kinds of celebration here, of course, because of the diversity of cultures. On the Sunshine Coast today we had a parade, with music, celebration of our servicemen and women, and overall rejoice of our incredible nation. And, of course, anyone attending (bar anyone in uniform, such as the Cadets and military) wore the national colors of red and white. Of course, I had to as well! So here's my simple but patriotically chic look I wore to celebrate Canada Day.