Nothing Short of Chic: 2014


Daytime To Partytime: Midi Skirt/Crop Top

Day-to-night, in seasonal fashion.

Hello everybody! I haven't posted in nearly a month, which you've surely noticed if you follow my blog, and since I usually post several times a week I feel SOOO guilty. Truth is, guys, I've been surviving without solid internet access since end of November (please don't ask me to repeat it). So, to make up for it, I put together a really good post that is super easy to recreate and essentially includes two outfits. Now how about that? I've got a daytime outfit, perfect for work, school, or just walking around town, and then an accessory swap -- tada!! You've got an ensemble just right for partying or dancing, for a dinner party, a little get-together, or a chic holiday bash.


Reinventing Summer Staples: Here Comes The Rain Again

Falling on my head like a memory...

I feel sorry for people who have to drive on rainy days. They don't get to splash their boots in puddles or hear the rain dripping on their umbrellas. They don't get to smell wet wood, or smile at fellow raingear-wearing pedestrians. They don't get to have their hair pouf up into a great cloud because of the humidity (okay, kidding about that one). Also, they don't get to see the rain as something beautiful and special -- it's just another obstacle instead of something to enjoy (and if we lived in California, they might; a perk of living in the rainforest is that there are no droughts). Although the rain can be miserable, there is something so comfortable about it. It makes me feel cozy and sleepy and appreciative of the world.


Reinventing Summer Staples: Microfloral and Megafloral

Don't donate that sundress just yet.

I'm sure everyone has summer dresses. And I bet most people have those few dresses that we keep even though they're WAY too short to be considered decent unless they're used as a beach cover-up, or worn over shorts, or worn only on really hot days when everyone's too heat-stricken to care. I have one of those, and I keep it for two reasons: a) it fits really well, the length exempt, and the print works well and the color matches my eyes; b) I don't ever give clothes away unless I'm positive I can't wear them anymore, and I wasn't so sure about this dress...


Reinventing Summer Staples: The $14 Challenge

I challenge you all.

Hello guys! Today I'm sharing something really cool: a challenge. I was subjected to this challenge, and since it's brand new, we tweaked the rules a bit until we had a perfect project.


Happy Hallowe'en: My Costume, Pumpkin, And Munchies!

Illustration by Annika Cleland-Hura
Hallowe'en is important - it's an excuse to dress up.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone! I hope you all had just as much fun last night as I did... I want to share my totally awesome 1920's inspired costume that I designed and created. Keep reading for the original croquis design, plus all the angles of the finished costume and makeup, as well as my pumpkin and my favorite All Hallows Eve snacks (besides candy, of course)!


Personal Style: Navy And Silk ft

A military-style cardigan is the perfect topper for a monochromatic fall outfit.

Hello readers!! I've been in travel mode this past little while, between a few days in Campbell River (Northern Vancouver Island), a few more in Middle Point (Sunshine Coast), and now the start of a month-long stay in OK Falls (Okanagan). However, I've got a super cool outfit to share today -- the fall-fabulous navy blue color and a handpainted silk scarf  lend a casual-chic touch to the military-esque feel of the cotton blazer-cut cardigan from


Personal Style: Crop Tops For Fall

A black denim skirt is classy, versatile, and a great addition to any wardrobe.

Hey everybody! Happy October! I hope you haven't given up on me quite yet, cause I'm back and better than, it's been three weeks. But guess what, I've had a life experience!! I've been off working with Team Generous Canada 2014 to put together a short film for Habitat for Humanity Canada (I was the social media handler, blogger, and photographer, and later on was part of the creative pipeline). For two solid weeks we worked to do this! So, naturally, after lots of work, I had to come home and design some clothing. I designed and made this denim midi skirt to wear to the film's premiere, which was last Saturday and I wanted to show it off!!


Personal Style: Check The Woods

It's time to put the Lumberjackie back into our lumberjack shirts! Hiking boots, boyish silhouettes, air-dryed natural hair, and minimal accessories and makeup all lend a hand in making this unusual look work great. Try using dry shampoo, pine perfume, and nothing but lip balm (I like Lemon Drop by EOS), and snap a wood-printed case onto your phone.


Personal Style: Granville Island OOTD

My look was the icing on the great-day cake.

I'm so in love with the super-cute outfit I sported on my super-fun outing to Granville Island! Nothing like lace, chiffon and a good pair of sneaks to beat the heat! Let's get to it, shall we? Thank you to DJ Cleland-Hura (his work here and here) for the amazing photographs.


Personal Style: Not Scared

Sporty-chic, featuring the beautiful Jasmin.

A warm round of applause for my gorgeous cousin Jasmin, who let me doll her up and photograph her in awkward poses! Here's one of my fave outfits from the casual/sporty shoot we did yesterday. (Jasmin looks like me, only shorter and prettier!). Today's events will consist of walking, talking, and (hopefully) some ice-cream! OOTD and selfies to follow :)


Personal Style: Military Lines

Safari-inspired gets an upgrade.

Today was a great chapter in my Chronicles of August 2014 – All U Can Eat sushi lunch, a walk in the park, climbing the trees with my cousin/best friend Jasmin (pronounced YAZ-meen – it's her model name, not her real one) and eating delicious blueberries. My outfit today is all I could have hoped for – relaxed, chic, and stripey (just the way I like it!). Scroll down for lots of pictures (taken, of course, by Jaz!).


Personal Style: Wild Side

Everyone has a fiercer side.

Hello again! Here's the promised OOTD - three days late... Cheetah print. A summer staple! The great thing about prints in brown and black like these ones is that they can mix really easily and flawlessly--note the three patterns in my look: cheetah, tribal and tortoiseshell! I wore this last Thursday walking around Vancouver! My cousins and aunt and uncle are with us, and we're up on the Sunshine Coast. Lots of swimming is going on!


Personal Style: Falling Slowly

You've still got time...

Hey guys! I'm sorry to say it, but - slowly - fall is approaching, even though August is, for most of us, the hottest part of the year...

Personal Style: Formally Chic

Who said denim has to be casual?

Hey everyone! My outfit today is based upon the traditional white top and black bottom, complete with dark jeans, a semisheer white blouse, a lacy black camisole, black ankle boots, a faux-leather handbag, and a ribbonned topknot.


Personal Style: Summer Blues

Wearing these pants, I am distressed no longer...

What's the best way to wear denim? Head to toe, of course! The sky is finally clearing after a depressingly gray morning, and I was inspired by its almost unnatural, totally gorgeous hue!


Personal Style: Pattern Play

Mix and match without the clash.

Hello people! To conclude Week of Stripes (which I've had a ton of fun with, I hope you have too!) I've thought a little out of the box and paired stripes with another pattern (two ways) for today. Have fun!

Don't be afraid to mix and match, but just like in yesterday's post, when mixing prints, you should stick with this general rule: keep the patterns in the same color family or keep one of the prints in a neutral color (white/brown/tan/etc.) It kind of gives the eye a break.


Personal Style: Stripes-On-Stripes

Stripes as far as the eye can see.

Hey everybody! Yes, you can pair stripes with more stripes--and it looks pretty awesome too! Here I'll show you two casual and cute ways to do matchy-matchy.

Stick with the same color scheme--it will give the viewer's eyes a break from what could potentially be awesomeness overload. Sorry to say it, but you should probably keep your neon-green-and-hot-pink striped skirt alone in its printiness and pair it with a solid, neutral top and accessories. But my black-and-white circle skirt and chevron batwing tee in the same colors work great together, because the stripes are different widths and the stripes don't go the same way. I also added a solid elastic belt to help break up the skirt and tee. Since you can't go wrong with heavy ankle boots (plus, their huge size makes your legs seem super slender and long in comparison), I wore those along with the surprise pop of color, just for fun.

Personal Style: Knit Picky

Keeping warm elegantly.

Hey guys! Sorry it's so late; I was out and about doing important things (eating Indian food) earlier this evening. Today being the gray (but warm) day that it was, I decided to feature a striped sweater in today's – tonight's – post.


Personal Style: Striped Tank Tops For All

The start of the stripes.

Hello everyone! I'm going to be wearing lots of stripes this week, so if you're looking for stripey inspiration, be sure to check back.


Personal Style: Boho Summer Evening (ft. Gudrun Bauer)

Romantic-bohemian, in a comfy-chic way.

Hi everybody! Happy summer – the best time of the year; I'm thinking beach evenings, loose curls, bare legs, freckles, ice cream...


Personal Style: 1 Dress, 3 Spring Outfits

Hi!! Welcome to TheFashioNiki!!

Hi everybody! This is my first post, and I'm so excited to be starting up this blog. It's almost summer, and things are heating up. The dress is a simple, sleeveless dress with a ruffled chest, elastic waist, and pockets. It's got a pretty diamond pattern and a nice mix of blues. I put together three easy, comfortable looks for three different events and times of day, all building upon this cute dress.