Nothing Short of Chic: August 2014


Personal Style: Check The Woods

It's time to put the Lumberjackie back into our lumberjack shirts! Hiking boots, boyish silhouettes, air-dryed natural hair, and minimal accessories and makeup all lend a hand in making this unusual look work great. Try using dry shampoo, pine perfume, and nothing but lip balm (I like Lemon Drop by EOS), and snap a wood-printed case onto your phone.


Personal Style: Granville Island OOTD

My look was the icing on the great-day cake.

I'm so in love with the super-cute outfit I sported on my super-fun outing to Granville Island! Nothing like lace, chiffon and a good pair of sneaks to beat the heat! Let's get to it, shall we? Thank you to DJ Cleland-Hura (his work here and here) for the amazing photographs.


Personal Style: Not Scared

Sporty-chic, featuring the beautiful Jasmin.

A warm round of applause for my gorgeous cousin Jasmin, who let me doll her up and photograph her in awkward poses! Here's one of my fave outfits from the casual/sporty shoot we did yesterday. (Jasmin looks like me, only shorter and prettier!). Today's events will consist of walking, talking, and (hopefully) some ice-cream! OOTD and selfies to follow :)


Personal Style: Military Lines

Safari-inspired gets an upgrade.

Today was a great chapter in my Chronicles of August 2014 – All U Can Eat sushi lunch, a walk in the park, climbing the trees with my cousin/best friend Jasmin (pronounced YAZ-meen – it's her model name, not her real one) and eating delicious blueberries. My outfit today is all I could have hoped for – relaxed, chic, and stripey (just the way I like it!). Scroll down for lots of pictures (taken, of course, by Jaz!).


Personal Style: Wild Side

Everyone has a fiercer side.

Hello again! Here's the promised OOTD - three days late... Cheetah print. A summer staple! The great thing about prints in brown and black like these ones is that they can mix really easily and flawlessly--note the three patterns in my look: cheetah, tribal and tortoiseshell! I wore this last Thursday walking around Vancouver! My cousins and aunt and uncle are with us, and we're up on the Sunshine Coast. Lots of swimming is going on!