Nothing Short of Chic: November 2014


Reinventing Summer Staples: Here Comes The Rain Again

Falling on my head like a memory...

I feel sorry for people who have to drive on rainy days. They don't get to splash their boots in puddles or hear the rain dripping on their umbrellas. They don't get to smell wet wood, or smile at fellow raingear-wearing pedestrians. They don't get to have their hair pouf up into a great cloud because of the humidity (okay, kidding about that one). Also, they don't get to see the rain as something beautiful and special -- it's just another obstacle instead of something to enjoy (and if we lived in California, they might; a perk of living in the rainforest is that there are no droughts). Although the rain can be miserable, there is something so comfortable about it. It makes me feel cozy and sleepy and appreciative of the world.


Reinventing Summer Staples: Microfloral and Megafloral

Don't donate that sundress just yet.

I'm sure everyone has summer dresses. And I bet most people have those few dresses that we keep even though they're WAY too short to be considered decent unless they're used as a beach cover-up, or worn over shorts, or worn only on really hot days when everyone's too heat-stricken to care. I have one of those, and I keep it for two reasons: a) it fits really well, the length exempt, and the print works well and the color matches my eyes; b) I don't ever give clothes away unless I'm positive I can't wear them anymore, and I wasn't so sure about this dress...


Reinventing Summer Staples: The $14 Challenge

I challenge you all.

Hello guys! Today I'm sharing something really cool: a challenge. I was subjected to this challenge, and since it's brand new, we tweaked the rules a bit until we had a perfect project.