Nothing Short of Chic: February 2015


Personal Style: Chambray In Love

Black and white and jeans is the epitome of casual-romantic.

I absolutely love denim in black-and-white. It's so perfect - it makes the cool-girl fabric seem somehow cooler, really carefree and easygoing. But the colorless filter also makes the subtle stitching details and the nuances in the tone and wash stand out. Basically, to me, it's the opposite of what you would expect - instead of dulling the image, a BW filter brings the denim to life, and really vivifies it and makes it seem different from the way we generally perceive it. For these images, I simply lowered the saturation level almost all the way, leaving just enough that you can tell the ivy is green, the leaves are brown, my hair is browner, and the jeans are blue, and then I softened the images ever so slightly to enhance the romantic feel of the setting and elements, even if the outfit, on its own, is totally everyday.


Personal Style: Furrever Chic

Dressing up for the street-style photographers from the comfort of my home.

While everybody I look up to and follow in the fashion industry is away in busy New York, I'm chilling in my beautiful home of Vancouver, BC. But beautiful as it is, I still dream about being on the other side of the continent, as one of the people with legitimate entry into those venues. But whatever, I don't, so I grabbed my favorite furry (faux) suede pieces and an all-black outfit and found an empty street. I have this dream of being captured by a street-style photographer, okay? This is as close as I'm going to get for a while.