Nothing Short of Chic: March 2015


Personal Style: Backless With Backbone

Home sweet home, for a little while longer.

This past week has been a busy one. I came back from a two-week trip to Italy, moved, and am in the process of packing for another trip to Europe, this one for three months (get ready for the Instagram jealousy). And with the pack, unpack, repack cycle in full force, I'm pulling out a bunch of clothing I'd set aside for winter and not thought about since, oh, five months ago (or more).


Personal Style: Winter Ade (Goodbye To Winter)

Looks may be deceiving, but it certainly no longer feels like winter.

Today was an incredible day, one of those days that reminds you that summer is only four short months away, and spring is even sooner. Of course, it isn't summer yet - it's kind of a teaser sort of day, making you believe that summer's come a quarter-year too early, then slips into rain and cloud cover, sticking its tongue out at you as it does so. But if you weather a trick enough times, you start to figure it out, which is why our deck furniture is still un-cushioned, the bare skeletons of the tables and chairs lying sideways or stacked under awnings. For now, though, I'll pretend that it's May come too soon and lounge in light-wash boyfriend jeans and a striped breast-pocket tee, with my high-tops by my side.