Nothing Short of Chic: April 2015


Personal Style: A Pep Of Prep

Sweet and flirty, with a little pipkin of preppy style.

Hey guys! As before mentioned, I've been traveling for close to a month and I'm getting pretty tired of the limited clothing options I was able to bring with me. Turning to layering and accessories is pretty much the only way to stave off extreme fashion boredom, so I have yet another layered look today (why have I never thought of layering a button-down under a fit-and-flare before??). To give the outfit more interest, I rolled the sleeves of the button-down and unbuttoned an extra button under the bodice.


Personal Style: Dress Finesse

Spring layering to look chic in the nippy Danish wind.

Hello everybody! In case you aren't following Nothing Short Of Chic on Instagram and Facebook (where are you?) my current city of residence is Viborg, Denmark – a charming little town with a beautiful lake and lots of wind. You may see a lot of it in the next couple months, because although I'll be journeying to Ireland, England, France, and Germany, I will always come back here. Scroll for all the pictures with Viborg's gorgeous backdrop!!


Leather & Fur: The Cruel Side Of Fashion?

Why is it that leather is chic but fur a crime?.

Visiting Italy was an incredible experience for me in many ways, and has created two week's worth of memories I'll likely never forget. I stayed mainly in Florence and developed an intimate relationship with the city in only eight days; and knowing how the city worked and its little things made my experience all the richer. As you probably know, Florence is one of the world's biggest leather capitals, which I got to see firsthand. Street merchants selling leather handbags to anyone who would take them; streets lined with handmade leather goods stores including everything from journal covers to bags to shoes; and row upon row of wallets displayed in the outdoor market in San Lorenzo.