Nothing Short of Chic: May 2015


Personal Style: Mellow Grey, Slate Yellow

Monochrome gets an upgrade.

The power of color is vast and amazing. It instantly brightens anything it comes into contact with, be it a room, a day, or an outfit. I know it's ironic for me to talk about color in an outfit when I'm showing you a look comprised of black and greys, but please bear with me. The reason I bring it up is because of the wall that I used as a backdrop – I've seen many a blog post or campaign and regardless of the foreground of the image – the actual content of the photograph – it will stand out because of the solid, bright color that instantaneously draws the eye. 

However, I'd never employed this (admittedly genius) trick, even though I regularly scope out bright walls for just this purpose – for example, when in Germany two weeks ago, I found a pale yellow wall (which happened to be adjacent to a light pink one) and really wanted to shoot in front of them, but never got a chance as our time in Germany was very limited. But, back to the here and now – this wall is one of four that make up a sweet, ivy-covered one-story house across the street from where we live. It is a breath of fresh air in the red-brick, black-roofed glen of buildings that makes up Viborg. I really love how grey looks with yellow, so, this is my background for today!


Personal Style: The Colors Of Clichy

Street art and street fashion: two of my favorite things, together.

Hello everybody! I'm back in Viborg at last, after four crazy weeks packed to the gills with travel. It was an incredible experience – in the past month, I've been to five different countries, and within them, over eleven cities total (if you want a more detailed account of my trip, plus my recommendations and reviews, make sure to check the travel section of my blog, NSOC En Route). I fell in love with many places along the way, including obvious ones like Paris, and less well-known but equally as incredible places like Kilkenny, Ireland.


Personal Style: All Black Everything - But A Bit Of Blue

A beautiful evening in a beautiful city.

As much as I love Viborg, it is pretty simple when it comes to scenery and places to visit (although it certainly makes up for it with its lovely populace). Copenhagen, however, despite being only an hour away by train, is very different - many more people, lots more history to see, and the most incredible sunsets when you're by the water. Here, I'm visiting the old fort of København (now used by the military), which is essentially a town within the city. It has dorms, walls, and even a mill! It was used in times of siege. It's now open for the public to walk through, however, and it's a beautiful area to walk through. Come see!


Personal Style: Cool In Killiney

Only the best style for the coast of Ireland.

Alright, I'm sorry. I truly am. This post was originally supposed to go up last Monday, after I shot it in Killiney a week ago (a suburb of Dublin, where we stayed for a few days). But I got caught up in the travel and the other work I had to do, so I didn't get a chance to write this until Friday. But then, stupid me, forgot to save and lost the ENTIRE thing. So, here it is...