Nothing Short of Chic: May 2015


Personal Style: Mellow Grey, Slate Yellow

Monochrome gets an upgrade.

The power of color is vast and amazing. It instantly brightens anything it comes into contact with, be it a room, a day, or an outfit. I know it's ironic for me to talk about color in an outfit when I'm showing you a look comprised of black and greys, but please bear with me. The reason I bring it up is because of the wall that I used as a backdrop – I've seen many a blog post or campaign and regardless of the foreground of the image – the actual content of the photograph – it will stand out because of the solid, bright color that instantaneously draws the eye. 

However, I'd never employed this (admittedly genius) trick, even though I regularly scope out bright walls for just this purpose – for example, when in Germany two weeks ago, I found a pale yellow wall (which happened to be adjacent to a light pink one) and really wanted to shoot in front of them, but never got a chance as our time in Germany was very limited. But, back to the here and now – this wall is one of four that make up a sweet, ivy-covered one-story house across the street from where we live. It is a breath of fresh air in the red-brick, black-roofed glen of buildings that makes up Viborg. I really love how grey looks with yellow, so, this is my background for today!


Personal Style: The Colors Of Clichy

Street art and street fashion: two of my favorite things, together.

Hello everybody! I'm back in Viborg at last, after four crazy weeks packed to the gills with travel. It was an incredible experience – in the past month, I've been to five different countries, and within them, over eleven cities total (if you want a more detailed account of my trip, plus my recommendations and reviews, make sure to check the travel section of my blog, NSOC En Route). I fell in love with many places along the way, including obvious ones like Paris, and less well-known but equally as incredible places like Kilkenny, Ireland.