Nothing Short of Chic: July 2015


Personal Style: Black In The Summertime

Wearing Black In The Summer IS Acceptable... And Chic! #NothingShortOfChic
No, it's not a fashion crime...

Let me tell you guys something. My closet is basically... not even basic. I have three pairs of shoes; sandals, ill-fitting ballet flats, and running shoes (not a pair I wear anytime except when working out). Also, I don't even have what are considered wardrobe "basics" - the white tee, the black dress, the pencil skirt, the button-down, the tailored trousers, etc. But that doesn't mean I'm not suited to blog about my daily outfits - if nothing else, it gives small-closeted readers some hope and some inspiration, and gives those with a more substantial wardrobe inventory fresh eyes with which to look at their pieces. 


Sparkly Shoes & Style Advice: The Seven-Year-Old Edition

Style Advice From A 7-Year-Old Fashionista on #NothingShortOfChic
A fresh voice.

Meet KQ. She's seven. And, very stylish. She's got layering down cold; she even has a go-to formula (though I doubt that "formula" is a word in her vocabulary quite yet), and she knows the importance of taking care of your clothing. She even has a uniform - several, really - that all suit her very well, and are true to her personal style. Lucky for you all, she agreed to an interview (her very first, but far from her last!) so her style advice is quoted below each picture. I've also included a more grown-up rewording as well as my own opinion on each matter discussed below her quotes. I hope you enjoy this fun, sweet, and adorable editorial starring today's special guest, KQ!!


Personal Style: Shades Of Mellifluous

A Gorgeous (And Adorable) Blue Faux-Leather Rose Wallet To Add A Pop Of Color To An Outfit... #NothingShortOfChic
Monochrome colorblocking really works.

Happy weekend, all! I hope you have had an awesome week – and if any of you live in BC/Saskatchewan/Washington/similar area, I doubly hope you haven't been affected by the fires! Our home here on the Sunshine Coast got severely smokey after the wind began to blow from Sechelt, where there's currently a terrible fire. The smoke settled like a blanket over everything, so the island across the water was invisible to us. It was very eerie, because the smoke completely blocked out the (cloudless) sky, so though the sun was shining, the sky appeared overcast. Everything took on a yellow tint, and the sun was orange-red and tiny behind the smoke. This lasted until Wednesday – yesterday was finally almost normal. Today, everything is as usual, so to celebrate the amazing weather, I took pictures!


Personal Style: Nautical Dreaming

Channel Nautical Vibes With Navy & White Stripes, Brown Leather, And A Denim Vest - on #NothingShortOfChic
Navy and white floats my boat this July.

Don't say it. Don't. I already feel bad enough that it's been forever since the last post, and that guilt is tripled by the fact that I meant to post my European Tour Highlights, oh, two weeks ago... Please, pretty please accept my apology! I know you know what it's like to be busy, and with travel, work, and putting our house back together after the move, it's been really difficult for me to do anything blog-related. Of course, I'm still posting on my Instagram, so if you want little snippets of the best parts of my life, you can check that. Anyway, I do at last have something for you, with the beautiful backdrop of home sweet home!