Nothing Short of Chic: August 2015


Personal Style: Ready Or Not

Bright Red Flares Are Fit For the Office or a Party! #NothingShortOfChic
Fall has begun whether you like it or not.

I have some amazing content coming this week - festival style, fashion show coverage, and a few other undeniably wonderful things - but first up is some outfit inspiration for the tumble into fall (it's the perfect sort of look to kick your work look up a notch). Because of the major drought we've had here in British Columbia since around April, the grass is dry and the leaves are already falling, and the weather is decidedly cooler. After all, September is less than a week away (!!) and thus begins a new season, semester, or chapter of our lives. All credit for the genius perspectives and angles goes to Amy Lu - you can find her on Instagram at @amyy_lu or, or see more of her photos on VSCO.


Personal Style: Golden Haze

A Chic Printed Shirtdress (With A Surprise Cutout!) Is A Great Summer Staple. #NothingShortOfChic
Stay chic (and ventilated) during those long summer nights.

I absolutely love this time of year. The days are bright and full, and the evenings are long and warm. Especially living right on the Pacific ocean, the beaches (both sandy and rocky) are my favorite places to go - something about the water, the mountains, and the sky, all in various iterations of blue, converging on the horizon makes me so peaceful and glad to be alive. Pair that with the sunset, and the city that lights up as it sinks - first catching and reflecting the golden light with its sky-scraping glass, then illuminating on its own, signaling the start of the night.


Personal Style: Something Borrowed, Something Navy

An A-Line Midi Skirt & Chambray Button-Down Are A Classic, Comfy, And Chic Pairing! #NothingShortOfChic
Carry your off-duty comfort into the work week.

Happy long weekend! I trust you've been enjoying it - now be honest. Who spent the time lounging in a tee and denim cutoffs? Or just a swimsuit? That's okay - no judgment here, because those who are happy and comfortable are often the chicest. But if you need some inspiration for maintaining that comfort and upping the elegance, you've come to the right place!