Nothing Short of Chic: September 2015


Reinventing Summer Staples: Sweater & Miniskirt, Part II

Reinventing the Miniskirt for Fall With a Cozy Sweater! | Nothing Short Of Chic
Chic Footwear Option B.

A few days ago, I introduced my brand-new short hair while simultaneously providing some fall outfit inspiration for you (some would say that's killing two birds with one stone, but I'm an advocate against cruelty to animals). That morning, when getting dressed, I had a tough time deciding between my trusty black oxfords or the sheepskin-colored, embroidered boots I ended up wearing. I loved my choice of the boots; I found they balanced out the amount of bare leg nicely, given the sweater, and they also matched the sweater perfectly, but the oxfords were a good choice too so I decided to post those photos as well!


Introducing My New Hair!

Reinventing the Miniskirt for Fall With a Cozy Sweater & Boots! #NothingShortOfChic
A new phase of my life.

Notice anything different? I finally cut my hair (I've been wanting to cut it short for a few months). I'm so happy with the new style. It may sound clich├ęd or fake, but I feel (and look, or so I've been told) like a different person. It may seem ironic that I made the chop right after putting up my Why I Love My Hair personal essay, but that was actually a good-bye to my long hair, though I didn't state it as such.


Reinventing Summer Staples: Vested Interest

Reinventing a Summer-Only Piece For Fall With A Simple Styling Trick on #NothingShortOfChic
Make the most out of your statement pieces.

I hope you've all been enjoying the week of shows and parties in bustling New York - or, more likely, either watching them all after the fact on the Vogue Runway app or not caring a bit (here's a not-so-secret-secret: I am one of those condescended-upon "wannabe" fashion lovers who watches everything and more – on said Vogue app – hungrily reading every review and fervently refreshing Snapchat for the latest from @theevachen212, @man_repeller, and @chrisellelim). I may be an expert on what NYFW street-style photographers are on the lookout for, but sadly enough, I wasn't available to act upon my own advice this season. But, all complaints and jokes aside, I do have the layering techniques/skills to impress those photographers – and a subtly statement-making outfit incorporating some out-of-the-box styling and layering ideas, so whether you want to make an impression at LFW or at the office, here's my look-of-the-day to inspire you.


Synchronicity Arts Festival 2015: Eco Fashion Show Recap

Synchronicity Arts Festival 2015 #NothingShortOfChic
A journey through fashion's evolution.

This year's Synchronicity Arts Festival was the biggest (and arguably the best) yet. With annual attractions like the Main Stage musical acts and the Pop-Up-Shop as well as new features including the Woodlands Project tent, not to mention the Rainforest Circus, the festival appeals to people of every walk of life. One of the debutantes this year was the Eco Fashion Show, which showcased local textile artists and designers. Organized into four segments, the show included primal designs, natural fibers, man-made fibers, and futuristic designs. Click through the slideshow to see all the designs!


Personal Style: Monochrome Layering

A Fresh Layering Formula Fit For the Office & Beyond on #NothingShortOfChic
A new formula for you to try.

Depending on where you live, the weather is either still very hot (due to thermal lag), very cold (and/or stormy), or can't make up its mind (as is the case here on the Sunshine Coast). Although those with summery weather still can wear summery clothes (in which case you can search for inspiration in the past two months' archives), those with cooler temperatures need the layers to stay comfortable and those with bipolar weather need the options for any surprise thermal switches. But some of the tried-and-true layering formulas can feel stale or overdone, especially after a season of easy-breezy dressing, so to help you get back into that fall season, here's a new look to take inspiration from:


Why I Love My Hair

Why I Love My Curls on #NothingShortOfChic
And you should love yours too.

As far as media-defined beauty goes, I think I got the short straw, with voluminous, frizzy, curly hair, bold and unruly brows (complete with the requisite Frida Kahlo-esque middle hairs), chubby cheeks, incredibly un-perfect teeth (which I have since fixed with years of dental cosmetic appliances, including a palate spreader, twin blocks, braces, and retainers), and terrible skin (my entire body breaks out) as my genetic makeup, which seems rather unfair given that both my parents are on the attractive end of the spectrum. When I was younger, I would long for my friend's stick-straight, glossy, waist-length hair or my cousin's no-need-to-tweeze arches that perfectly framed her face. People talk about the media's influence on young people, specifically tween-to-twenties girls (though it affects everyone), and despite never had body issues like anorexia, I have found myself thinking, "Well, if only I looked like her," while flipping through something as harmless as a street-style book or a comic strip.