Nothing Short of Chic: October 2015


Get The Look: Feeling Witchy

Cheap, chic, and easy witch Hallowe'en costume | Nothing Short Of Chic
This costume is sure to cast a spell on everyone.

Happy early Hallowe'en! Today I'll give you a look inside my fashion-ified Witch costume, which is what I'll actually be sporting (tomorrow night, in fact, at my symphony's Hallowe'en concert, which features pieces such as Danse Macabre and Baba Yaga). Ok, let's go!


Personal Style: Black And Turquoise And Red All Over

Turquoise & Red, Tweed & Silk Office Chic | Nothing Short Of Chic
Tweed, silk, and turquoise is chicer than you might think.

Now that we're in the dark half of the year, I am finding it more and more difficult to inject color into my ensembles (I'm guessing that the fact that 96% of my closet is black, grey, or navy is part of the problem). I do have that amazing pair of high-waisted red flares, which I love and wear as often as possible - but with a piece that memorable, I can't wear them too frequently. I also have a red sweater. That's about it. So, I will often wear a bold scarf, like this beautiful embroidered red silk (which I love and wear quite a bit as well). It's a good way to add life and energy and interest to an outfit, without being too loud.