Nothing Short of Chic: November 2015


Personal Style: Striped Sweater Sunday

Layer a striped sweater over your all-black outfit for a chic updated look | Nothing Short Of Chic
Spicing things up with stripes and a pinch of sass.

It's officially cold. Here in Viborg, the midday weather likes to hop between 1˚C and -1˚C (34˚F and 32˚F), and at night it's colder - it even snowed the tiniest bit yesterday and it's quite frosty. And of course, there are places where it's much, much colder. Even when inside, with the skin-drying heating on at full-force, a sweater is often mandatory. So yesterday, I piled on the layers, resulting in this cozy look.


Top 50 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts For Fashion Lovers

50 must-follow Instagram accounts for fashion & art lovers | Nothing Short Of Chic

I spend so much time on Instagram - for NSOC, it's a superpower in terms of networking, inspiration, outreach, and discovery. I am constantly finding new bloggers and brands, and I'm able to create connections with them so easily. I follow over 1.2K accounts and I'm always adding more and more to that list. Unfortunately, having so many incredible accounts in my feed means that a lot of them get lost in the shuffle - but today I weeded through the substantial list of accounts I love to find the very best for you, from a fashion girl's perspective. Here I've created a guide of the best in outfit inspiration, illustration, beauty, photography, fitness, food, and more, with a sample image and account description for each. You're welcome - now the only issue is to curb the Instagram addiction...


Successfully Styled: The Dress-Over-Shirt Trend

The dress-over-shirt microtrend has finally been made wearable - and chic | Nothing Short Of Chic
It's trendy, and impossible to actually wear... until now.

You've seen it in many iterations while scrolling through Style du Monde or The Urban Spotter - a black silk slip dress over a crisp white button down (a bit like the oh-so-ugly cami-over-shirt trend); a short printed shift over a bright mockneck tee; a sleeveless leather dress over a t-shirt. You've wondered how people come up with these ridiculous layered looks - including formulae like an above-the-knee skirt over a knee-length shirtdress (how could anybody think that looks good?). And then you've wondered if you could pull it off. Slowly shaking your head, you shut out all thoughts related to this microtrend. But I'm here to tell you that it isn't entirely impossible to wear!


Personal Style: Falling In Love (With Autumn)

Sweet, stylish autumn outfit inspiration for women who want to up their fall style game | Nothing Short Of Chic
The most beautiful season of all - Fall.

Fall is the most beautiful, rich, and complex of the seasons - and perhaps that with the most change, aside from spring. I feel so lucky to be able to experience this season here in Viborg - my home-away-from-home, as we now jokingly call it - where I stayed last spring and summer. I'll actually get to see winter too, though by the locals' point of view, it's maybe not the best time of year to be here (but I'm really excited for holiday season here).