Nothing Short of Chic: April 2016


Personal Style: The Street-Style Suit

A vertical-stripe-printed pantsuit with classic heels is the chicest way to make a statement while elongating your frame. | Nothing Short of Chic
This is the type of garment you see and think – that's a street-style piece.

We all know that one of my greatest talents (and hobbies) is thrift/secondhand/vintage shopping. You can find the coolest things at these types of shops, and best of all – you can afford them. Often, the wares are unwearable, and are suitable only for repurposing, but often, they are just in need of some love (and, occasionally, are good-as-new, like these gorgeous patent-leather peep-toes). Trendy, risky, or ridiculous clothing is suddenly an option for those of us with heart-stoppingly small paychecks, and the wear-once-then-donate lifestyle is also a possibility. This striped-all-over pantsuit is not something I would have even considered purchasing outside of the local pay-what-you-want boutique – but I believe my price for this fun two-piece was about $2 (and the $100-new heels were $3 at another shop).


Personal Style: Seeing Red

Red on rouge on burgundy in a multilayered, ultra-chic travel outfit! | Nothing Short Of Chic
I love red so much that I based my whole outfit around it!

This is my first style post in a while. I'm sorry for being so absent! On Wednesday, I took a day trip to Vancouver, and I wore this. Red is my favorite color to wear, so I decided to just wear all of it! It got extra fun when I realized I had to layer jackets and was able to wear both colored vegan leather and a massively cool print. (It's still too cold for only a jacket, but warm enough that a winter coat is too much, so layering is key, especially in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is fickle.) These photos were taken on the water-taxi dock right next to the ferry berth. Isn't it just gorgeous? We're lucky we got the photos when we did, because it clouded over (and then rained and hailed) only a half-hour later.