Nothing Short of Chic: September 2016


Personal Style: Wardrobe Basics (Business Casual)

THIS is how you actually build a solid, stylish outfit around those "wardrobe basics" everyone's always telling you to "invest" in (hint: you don't have to splurge). | Nothing Short Of Chic
Wardrobe "basics" are all you need to craft a simple but sophisticated outfit.

Every single fashion magazine, blog, or website ever has sung the virtues of building your wardrobe upon a strong foundation of high-quality basics. But they don't ever properly explain why it's important. Here's the thing: these closet essentials can form a base for every outfit from a simple weekend look to a special date night – and in a pinch, they can be put together in so many different arrangements to form a simple and reliable yet chic look very quickly. This look is what I wore yesterday and it was really because I had a busy day and didn't want to spend a lot of time styling myself. Here I'm wearing an outfit made up entirely of items I wear on a weekly basis. Quick tip – a silk neckscarf and some good sunglasses can instantly add polish to your outfit and make it seem like you put way more effort in than you actually did.


A Seasonal Change: Crazy Sunglasses & A Bit Of A Haircut

The turnover of seasons and a personal shift meant I needed to change something up – so I decided to shave my hair off. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A shift in seasons calls for a bit of a change, courtesy of a little trim...

There is, in the world, a girl or boy, 12 or 13 – just entering the phase of image and self-confidence issues – who has been diagnosed with cancer and has just lost their hair. I shaved off nearly ten inches of my own hair, which will go to Pantene to make a wig for this child. My hair will grow back. Theirs may not. But at least they'll have the wig.

*THIS COAT IS FAUX FUR. I am a vegan and DO NOT support cruelty of animals, especially not for the sake of fashion*