Nothing Short of Chic: October 2016


Personal Style: Tweed, Stripes, & Patent Leather

Mixing prints, textures, and modern and vintage elements for a sophisticated yet edgy look. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Modern and vintage elements are combined to create a sophisticated-yet-edgy, easy-to-copy look.

Have you ever found a piece that you feel just completely sums up your style and/or personality? That's how I feel about this jacket. Made of soft, lightweight tweed, subtly printed, with a fun fringe trim, it's very Chanel and also very versatile. These boots are another favorite of mine, because they add a bit of polished edge to any outfit, as well as a bit of height, and they're also very comfortable. Upon seeing this outfit, complete with the wide-brimmed hat and wrist gloves, my dad informed me that I look like I'm going to the derby – which I'm rather pleased with, actually. It would be easy to modernize this look a bit more if the vintage aesthetic isn't your thing, and it would also only require a switch of footwear (and maybe some pearls) to make this a completely classic outfit.


Fashion Matters: The Necessity Of Personal Expression Through Style

Personal style is important and necessary for self-confidence and self-discovery, as well as, of course, self-expression. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Fashion is often written off as "frivolous" or "unnecessary," but it 
truly is essential to personal expression.

For many people, personal style is a way of expression and an outlet for creativity that they can’t find elsewhere. My sister used to wear four layers of clothing and change outfits at least four times per day – and out-of-the-box layering is now one of her signature “looks”. A good friend of mine wears Robert Smith-inspired makeup and studded flannel almost daily. My mother has a penchant for stripes and includes some form of the pattern in almost every outfit, most often in the form of socks, either peeking out from a pair of slitted flared jeans, or topping off a cool pair of Fluevog boots. As for me? My own personal style is such a vital component of my personality that without it, I feel as though I’m missing a crucial part of myself.