Nothing Short of Chic: January 2017


Personal Style: Jeans & Red Accents

How to wear jeans, with polish and elegance and a few pops of color. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Yes, I wore jeans – and here's my secret to incorporating them into an elevated, sophisticated outfit. 

I don't wear jeans. Wait – hear me out. I have nothing against jeans, per se, I just find them uncomfortable, and often too casual for my style, although when I'm styling others I will very often implement them as part of a look. (Side note: the one exception to my no-jeans wardrobe is a pair of high-waist, dark-wash, flared-leg pants that give a kind of sailor-chic look, and a stiff pair for working outside – chopping wood, raking, moving rocks, etc.)

So why did I wear them on this particular day? A week or so ago, a friend of mine asked if I ever wear jeans, after I showed up dressed in a printed skirt, blazer, and heeled boots. And I took that as a challenge. So the next time I knew I'd be seeing him, I borrowed a pair of my mother's jeans and styled them to fit my style. So, here's the look, in a few high-contrast iPhone photos (credits to my little brother for these).


8 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands That Are Actually Really Chic

8 eco-friendly, wallet-friendly fashion brands that are both sustainable and really, really chic. | Nothing Short Of Chic

I wrote this article a few months ago after an inspiring #FashionUnfold discussion about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, hoping to get it published on the Huffington Post or something similar. But before I even submitted it, HuffPo went through some changes and was no longer the right fit for me. I never did find another publication to submit it to, and since I couldn't bear to have it completely unpublished, I'm posting it here! Feel free to recommend publications that I can submit to in the future, it would be much appreciated. Click through the slides to see all of the fantastic sustainable, eco-conscious brands I dug up in my research.


Personal Style: Cobalt, Red, & Classic Stripes

Primary colors, bold stripes, and retro accessories make for a chic, classy outfit that's eye-catching, colorful, and fresh. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Primary colors, bold stripes, and retro accessories make for a chic, classy outfit that's eye-catching and fresh. 

I had a realization today: I hadn't posted since last year. Which, technically, was only ten days ago, but even so, the holidays and the start-up of work, etc., means I haven't posted in awhile. So I enlisted the help of my brother to shoot some cool, dynamic, dramatic photographs of this colorful, many-layered outfit, intended to showcase my fabulous new sunglasses. I got them as a Christmas present, and nearly all of my outfits since receiving them have been centred around them. Perhaps I'll post a couple others in the coming weeks – though I'm sure you'll see a lot of these glasses regardless.