Nothing Short of Chic: February 2017


Why Can't Everyone Just Be Nice?

Love trumps hate, and kindness will win out because it takes courage and strength. Stand up against bullying every day, not just February 22. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Today, February 22, is Pink Shirt Day, in support of the movement to stop bullying & of victims of oppression, harassment, and torment.

Everyone runs into bullying in some way, shape, or form in their lives. From name-calling on the playground to subtle insults in the office, it can live anywhere and in many different magnitudes. But is always hurtful (sometimes abusive) and unnecessary. Almost everyone is on the receiving end of bullying at some point or other, even the bullies themselves. So why why why does it even exist?


Personal Style: Retro Snow Day

Polka dots and faux fur in the snow – there is nothing more fun than a snowy photoshoot! | Nothing Short Of Chic
Not the best outfit to take on the snow – but awfully cute nonetheless. Also, snow!

I was so happy with my cute, retro-with-a-modern-twist outfit yesterday – until it started to snow. And snow... So I ended up stuck in town with no way of getting home, with my duffel bag of  costumes for the musical, for which rehearsal was cancelled because of the weather. And, of course, an outfit not meant for trudging around in the snow (at least I had my cozy faux-fur coat!). So I did the only logical thing – a photoshoot! (Don't judge me too harshly – snow is a rarity here so I always take advantage of photographing it whenever I can.)