Nothing Short of Chic: March 2017


Personal Style: Copenhagen Layers

Transitional dressing is a breeze with plenty of layers and chic, classic silhouettes and prints. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Layering for transitional weather can be easier said than done; but it can also be done easily.

Ah, spring – that beautiful time of year when flowers are blooming, rivers are rushing... and the weather changes. All. The. Time. When it could be sunny and warm and 18°C, and then half an hour later, turn to pouring, chilling rain. I, for one, love this time of year – it's so interesting. It has character. But getting dressed also requires just a little more effort, to plan and prepare for any temperature and temperament of weather the day might throw at you. Transitional dressing, we call it. My outfit today is just one example.


Personal Style: The Perfect Travel Outfit

A breakdown of the perfect travel outfit: equal parts cozy, practical, and chic. | Nothing Short Of Chic

The perfect travel outfit to get through security, three airports, and eleven hours of flight time (including one 9-hour over-nighter).

I adore travel, and luckily I've had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, especially in Europe. This means that I am fairly seasoned (or at least I like to think so) when it comes to things like packing and airport security – and, of course, travel outfits. I've been on airplanes (and trains and boats) many times, and have had many chances to hone my recipe for the perfect ensemble. A good airport outfit needs, firstly, to be comfortable. It needs to be simple. It needs to be layered, to account for changing temperatures in various airports and airplane cabins. It needs to be easy to move around in, especially in small spaces. So this is my favorite travel outfit – a combination of all of these elements.