Nothing Short of Chic: June 2017


Personal Style: Preppy Summer Sweater Vest (From The Archives)

A fun summer outfit mixing a preppy top, a flippy skirt, and mod accessories. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A fun summer look (from the archives) playing off the preppiness of a lightweight sweater vest.

I have to be honest, lately, my blog has had to fall to the wayside a little bit to make room for the more pressing matters in my life, which sadly don't include dressing up and taking photos of myself. Oftentimes, I'll take photographs of my outfit of the day and never find the time to post them. Such an example of a post from the archives published much later is one that I put up only a little while ago, when bored with my travel capsule wardrobe and wanting to post a look that inspired me (read it here). Those particular photos are almost a year old at this point (note the longer hair); so are the ones in this post! I'd completely forgotten about these photographs until just recently, so now that the weather is warm again, I hope this preppy-but-modern look can inspire you to have a bit of fun by pairing a flippy skirt with a preppy top and mod sunglasses.