Nothing Short of Chic: July 2017


Personal Style: Black, Brown, & Navy (From The Archives)

Black, brown, and navy combine deliciously to create a fun, preppy, classic-with-a-twist outfit with layers for any occasion. | Nothing Short Of Chic
A layered but breezy look that's both professional and casual.

You can always tell when an outfit post of mine is from the archives – if my hair is long enough to tie back, you know it's an old set of photos. Case in point: this layered outfit, from autumn of 2015, where I had a lob and eyebrows of significantly lower quality. Although it's a triple-layer look, each piece is thin and light (and you could easily remove one or both of the topmost layers if venturing into an extremely warm setting). Also, buildings will often overcompensate for the heat by putting the air conditioning on full blast, freezing its occupants, so if you have a couple extra layers to wear inside you'll probably be grateful.


Amalie Olesen: La Garde-Robe Schizophrène

Amalie Olesen is stylish, unique, and above all, true to herself. | Nothing Short Of Chic

Meet Amalie Olesen: Champion of juxtaposition and coherent incoherence. 

Upon hearing that I run a fashion blog, Amalie Olesen, already a fixture for her high heels and vinyl skirts in Århus, Denmark, invited me into her bedroom/wardrobe hybrid and proceeded to dazzle me. She has the looks of a grown-up Serena van der Woodsen with fashion It-girl style sensibility à la Pandora Sykes. Her style is hard to pin down, but is made up of an eclectic mix of thrifted treasures, vintage designer goods, and high-street pieces that look expensive but really aren't. I fell in love with her style as soon as I laid eyes upon a cream hat worthy of Kate Middleton, and I knew I had to feature her on NSOC once I spied her thrifted Miu Miu blouses and red patent-leather heels.


What I Wore: Canada Day #150

Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday in style with a chic red-and-white outfit. | Nothing Short Of Chic
Happy 150th birthday to the world's most beautiful country!

My beautiful Canada celebrates its birthday today, July 1st, 150 years after Confederation in 1867. Everyone, of course, is celebrating – there are many different kinds of celebration here, of course, because of the diversity of cultures. On the Sunshine Coast today we had a parade, with music, celebration of our servicemen and women, and overall rejoice of our incredible nation. And, of course, anyone attending (bar anyone in uniform, such as the Cadets and military) wore the national colors of red and white. Of course, I had to as well! So here's my simple but patriotically chic look I wore to celebrate Canada Day.