Nothing Short of Chic: About NSOC

About NSOC

My name is Annika, and I consider myself to be many things: a writer, stylist, artist, designer, classical musician, model, and occasional photographer. Nothing Short Of Chic is a digital portfolio of all these things, masquerading as something of a personal style blog. It’s for the for the classy and fashion-forward, eco-conscious, socially responsible, forever fascinated, and ever-exploring. It's founded first and foremost on personal expression and creativity through clothing, using photography, art films, and writing to discuss important issues through the larger lens of fashion. It's elevated fashion content that is not focussed on consumerism, but rather on art, storytelling, and artistic individuality.

Nothing Short Of Chic's aesthetic is modern and a little avant-garde, but heavily influenced by history and culture. My frequent travels have a huge impact on my worldview and my “look,” if you will. A mix of vintage, sustainable fashion, and high-quality underground brands are the basis of my wardrobe. NSOC is always evolving and maturing, but at its core, it is this: a platform for sophisticated, intellectual fashion.

Based on the Sunshine Coast & Vancouver, BC, on the Pacific coast of Canada. Frequently in Europe.

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